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Beeja’s Honey Products deals with 100% natural honey, the products have their roots from the best of honey extraction and solely from only the free-range honey hives, and absolutely not from the commercial beekeeping.

The products speak about quality

Beeja’s products speak about quality and being natural, and staying close to mother nature, as mentioned, either the food products or the compostable bags that we Beeja caters to, are closely associated with mother nature. Added to this, the products, especially the food products, are well conceived, tested, and equally certified by the food scientists, who make sure that, the products are health friendly, and more importantly, these are ‘preservative free’

In fact, we have observed that most of the honey which is available in the commercial market, are all the sugar syrups or sugar syrups mixed with honey and not the pure honey which is processed from free-range honey hives.

Honey which we process is naturally processed with equipment specifically catered for the honey extraction and which brings the best of nutrients like calcium, iron, and protein which are abundant. These products give energy and also are good for health.

The taste that changes with every season

We bring about the seasonal honey which is 100% pure and the processing methods we involve are 100% natural. This is quite evident with the way the honey taste’s with unique colour and texture.

The Compostable bags

When talking about the compostable bags, these bags have been specifically designed in such a way that the bags decompose after use and they get converted as manure which in turn helps the plants grow better, in the span of three months.